Q: Can you operate a vehicle, equipment, or machine while consuming cannabis products under Alabama’s new Medical Marijuana Act?

A: A person could operate a vehicle or equipment while using cannabis products, but the dosage should not render the person unable to operate it safely.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited in Alabama.

An article by Mike Cason for summarizes what is in Alabama’s medical marijuana bill, passed into Alabama law on May 6 and signed by Governor Kay Ivey on May 17.

It states that employers do not have to allow their employees to use medical cannabis.

“Employers could refuse to hire a person and fire a person for using medical cannabis,” the article reads. “Companies may still have drug testing guidelines to identify and ban the use of marijuana.”

Plus, no insurance plans would be required to cover medical marijuana.

The products approved by Alabama law are not vegetable-based, products that can be smoked or vaped, or foods like cookies or candy.

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“These can be tablets, capsules, tinctures or gel cubes for oral use,” says the article. “These can be gels, oils or creams for topical use. These can be suppositories, transdermal patches, nebulizers or liquids or oils for use in an inhaler. “