NYC Safe Drug Viewing Sites; Financial Institutions Want Marijuana Banking In NDAA; Jamaica’s new “Good Ganja Sense” campaign

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Nora Volkow Director of the National Institute for Drug Abuse said, “To the best of my knowledge there is no evidence that occasionally [adult] Marijuana use has harmful effects. “

  • “I don’t know of any scientific evidence for that.”

New York City the first safe drug outlets for illicit drugs opened in the US It remains to be seen how the Biden administration, which has generally advocated harm reduction approaches, will react.

the National Association of Credit Unions, Council of Defense Credit Unions and National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions sent a letter calling on Congress to pass marijuana banking laws through the National Defense Authorization Act.

Jamaica’s Department of Health and Wellness launched a new “Good Ganja Sense” campaign to dispel cannabis myths and promote education. It features bus advertising, a website, and a catchy jingle.


A Federal judge pre-trial petition deadline suspended in the case of an alleged marijuana and money laundering operation in Maine involving officials to allow defendants more time to review evidence.

Representative Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) said he believes there is a “good chance” of passing the marijuana banking law through the National Defense Authorization Act. He also tweeted of bipartisan support for the move, saying, “I appreciate the support from these Senators – as well as @SenatorHick & @SenatorBennet. By including #SAFEBanking in the final NDAA, we can protect our financial system, reduce public safety risks, and better serve small and minority-owned businesses. “

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) and Former MP Greg Walden (R-OR), who did not support the legalization of marijuana during his tenure, joined the coalition on cannabis policy, education and regulation as co-chair.

Candidate for the Democratic Senate of Kentucky Charles Booker tweeted, “When I get to the Senate I’ll be filing the final cannabis legalization act and calling it the Gatewood Galbraith Justice and Healing Act.”

Kentucky Democratic Congressional Candidate William Compton tweeted, “In Congress, I would fully support the legalization of marijuana at the federal level. Kentucky’s cash crop has always been tobacco, why can’t we add marijuana to get more income? “


Pennsylvania Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Josh Shapiro, currently the attorney general, tweeted, “60% of Pennsylvanians support legalizing marijuana. Every second wasted on this is another second that people who have owned small amounts of marijuana spend grappling with an unjust act. Let’s pull it off. “

Illinois’s Hosting an event about a marijuana-funded grant program, lieutenant governor said, “The # R3 program invests 25% of adult cannabis tax revenue in communities that have suffered historical divestments. Our goal is to repair the damage by investing in these communities, and this work can only be done in collaboration with these communities. “

Mississippi Lawmakers said it plans to pass medical cannabis law in early 2022.

A Massachusetts The senator, at the request of a citizen, tabled a bill that would change alcohol laws to reflect more restrictive marijuana rules.

the New Mexico The Legislative Finance Bureau’s Supervisory Committee discussed the cannabis micro-business loan program at a hearing. Separately, Regulators will hold a public hearing on Wednesday on proposed industrial peace agreements on marijuana and solvent rules.

the Oklahoma The Senate will hold a hearing with medical cannabis regulators on Wednesday.

Marylands The House Cannabis Legalization Working Group will meet on Wednesday.

Connecticut Regulators increased the acceptable amount of mold in tested marijuana products without a formal mandate about the change.

the California The Panel on Cannabis Control Appeals proposed rule changes.

New Jersey Regulators have published a webinar on the process of applying for a marijuana business license.

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McGraw, New York Voters narrowly agreed to a vote to allow retail sales and local use of marijuana.

the Greensport, New York The Board of Trustees voted to reject the approval of local marijuana dispensaries and consumer establishments.

the Toms River, New Jersey The local council has decided to permanently ban recreational marijuana businesses.

the Missoula, Montana The city council approved the marijuana ordinance.

The city of Gloucester, Massachusetts is being sued by a marijuana company for allegedly inflated and illegal community impact fees that must be paid to operate.

the Hartford, Connecticut The Planning & Zoning Commission’s draft marijuana rules would result in pharmacies being downtown.


Mexico The Supreme Court will look into a case on Wednesday contesting the ban on growing hemp.

Spanish Legislators announced they would pass a law legalizing marijuana in 2022.

Singapore The appeals court upheld the death sentences of two men convicted of conspiracy to traffick marijuana.

New Brunswick, Canada The Treasury Secretary has tabled a bill allowing privately owned marijuana stores and direct marketer Farmgate businesses.


One study found that “cannabis extracts high in CBD downregulate the expression of several key fibrotic genes, suggesting theirs.” antifibrotic potential at the transcription level. “

One review concluded that “both classic and atypical psychedelics are promising treatment options for Patients with an incurable disease. “


the Marijuana Policy Project hired a communications director who previously worked for members of Congress.

the Chacruna Institute published a guide to best practices for churches in psychedelic plant medicine.

the American Community Anti-Drug Coalitions urges people to urge members of Congress not to include the banking language of marijuana in the National Defense Authorization Act.


Harborside Inc. to acquire UL Holdings Inc. and LPF JV Corporation and is expected to be renamed StateHouse Holdings. The company also announced a non-brokered private individual placement of units with gross proceeds of up to $ 10 million.

Flower One Holdings Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $ 14.1 million.

Headset raised a $ 8.6 million round of funding.

The parent company has a new managing director for social equity ventures and a new chief people officer.


Aaron Carter said he smoked marijuana with Michael Jackson.

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