East Coast Organic Licensed Producer supports Canadian veterans with a commitment to wellness and healing.

BROOKLYN, NS, November 9, 2021 / CNW / – Aqualitas Inc., a licensed organic producer based in Nova Scotia, is proud to extend its ongoing support for Canadian veterans through a forward-looking partnership with Veterans For Healing Ltd. of. to expand Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The AQ-Together Veterans Program is a personalized service to veterans from all over Canada to the Aqualitas online platform for medical cannabis products.

In addition to launching a streamlined veteran access program, Aqualitas has worked closely with Veterans for Healing to develop a curated line of medical cannabis products tailored to meet the needs of the veteran community. The VetSelect line offers larger formats and several carefully selected varieties to meet the needs of patients with PTSD, pain, and other conditions that disproportionately affect veterans.

“Compassionate, supportive access to medical cannabis is a right all Canadians should have,” it said Myrna Gillis, CEO and founding director of Aqualitas. “It is our responsibility and our privilege to work with Veterans for Healing to make this happen for the veteran patient community. You have served your country and we are proud to serve you.”

“Over the years the veteran community has made it clear that they need and deserve reliable supplies of consistent quality medical cannabis and a supportive customer care team.” says Rob Gowans, CEO of Veterans For Healing. “Our collaboration with Aqualitas is an effective way to deliver this drug to veterans and to work as part of a team with a truly patient-centric licensed manufacturer to further assist veterans on their healing journey.

Veterans For Healing provides ongoing support to veterans, first responders, and their families. They lead research, social programs, and innovative treatments that are vital for veterans to manage trauma and rehabilitation problems. Her veteran-led approach is helping thousands of Canadians improve the quality of their lives.

The AQ-Together Veterans Program is now accepting registrations and the exclusive Vetselect product line is available from coast to coast at veterans.aqualitas.ca.

About Aqualitas Inc.
Aqualitas Inc. is a privately held, multiple license holder of Health Canada licensed to conduct research, grow indoor and outdoor, process and sell cannabis based in the community Brooklyn, just outside of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Aqualitas is home to Canada Breeder of the year 2020 and is Canada First Clean Green Certified cannabis producer and processor recognizing its commitment to international organic management practices, compliance, quality and sustainability. With a mission to support people’s wellbeing with research, care and passion, Aqualitas is committed to the vision of being a global leader in organically grown cannabis and value-added products. Sindica’s research and development department actively participates in research projects in the fields of cultivation, product development and drug development. Aqualitas’s adult brand, Reef Organic ™, is in in recreational markets. available Alberta, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia with further expansion plans across Canada in the following months. His medical devices were over Canada and exported to the EU and Israel.

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