The female-owned cannabis company will soon offer a variety of medicinal cannabis products to patients in Missouri

CAMP Cannabis received its Operating License (ATO) from the state last month. Since reaching this milestone, President Susan Griffith and Vice President Jennifer McGuire have initiated both the cultivation and manufacture of infusion products at CAMP’s state-of-the-art facility. Cannabis plants, representing a variety of genetics with different medical treatment uses, reside in the soil, and a variety of CAMP’s infused products will soon be available to patients in Missouri.

“Our entire team has been accompanying us in development, planning and implementation for almost three years,” said CAMP President Susan Griffith. “We have survived considerable adversity and delay, but have endured everything – and are finally on the brink of achieving the highest possible Quality medicine for Missouri’s patients. “

CAMP Vice President Jennifer McGuire added, “This started as our vision. We never wavered that original goal, and now we see the fruits of all the labor, time, and obstacles that would have led to it stopped most of the people. The CAMP team has always found a way to achieve its goals and we have never given up. we are excited to bring quality, natural medicine to patients across the state soon. “

Griffith and McGuire co-founded CAMP – which stands for Certified Alternative Medicine Providers – in 2019, shortly after medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri, making it the only one licensed Cannabis company wholly owned by women. The couple built the CAMP team, company B.rand and its 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility since then. CAMP cannabis aims to be a active lifestyle paired with outdoor activities and natural cannabis medicine to help patients recover, heal and feel better than yesterday.

The management team forms the basis for CAMP Cannabis and has decades of professional healthcare Experience. Griffith has been in the industry for twenty years, spanning sales from pharmaceuticals to healthcare capital goods. McGuire earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing and has cared for patients in a variety of nursing positions since 2012. Griffith and McGuire used their extensive healthcare knowledge and experience in the creation and construction of CAMP to help patients in need by offering a natural alternative to commonly harmful drugs.