Wyoming lawmakers have proposed a new smokable hemp bill to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration, which could go into effect July 1.

Senate Act 90 prohibits the sale of smokable hemp to anyone under the age of 21 and the use of smokable hemp in public.

A person who knowingly or intentionally smokes a hemp product in public is guilty of an offense and is said to be charged up to $ 50 for the first offense, up to $ 100 for the second, and up to $ 500 for the third offense it in the proposed legislation.

The legislation also provides that a person who sells, offers, gives away, or supplies smokable hemp or smokable hemp products to any person under the age of 21 is guilty of an offense, including fines of up to $ 250 for the first offense and $ 500 Penalty for one second violation within 24 months and $ 750.00 for a third or subsequent violation within 24 months.

Additionally, the law provides that the court can allow the defendant to do community service and will be awarded $ 10 for each hour of work performed under the first and second violations, and $ 5 per hour under the third violation can. The payment will be credited to the defendant’s fine and court costs.

Retailers who knowingly sell, offer, give away, or distribute smokable hemp or smokable hemp products to anyone under the age of 21 will face the same fines but will not be able to do community service.

Retailers who commit their third crime within 24 months may be allowed to sell non-smokable hemp products at their location, the proposed legislation states.

Aside from smokable hemp products, the bill also provides: “Every hemp product that is marketed as food or drink or intended for consumption must have a label on the packaging of the product showing all active and inactive ingredients of the food or drink product it contains listed are hemp or cannabidiol “(CBD).

In addition to Senate Act 90, lawmakers submitted House Bill 82 to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration. The bill provides that the state health commissioner should prepare a report on the implementation of medical cannabis in Wyoming with the assistance of the Department of Health, Pharmacy Committee, Medical Committee, State Insurance Commissioner, and the Attorney General.

The bill says the report should identify medical conditions that medical knowledge suggests would benefit from the treatment of medicinal cannabis.

The report should also include recommendations to regulate medical cannabis prescriptions, recommendations to prevent prescriptions misappropriated, a timetable for implementation and regulation of medical cannabis in the state, and identification of changes needed to implement the use of medical cannabis .

“The State Health Commissioner shall submit the report required under this section to the Interim Committee on Joint Work, Health and Social Services by September 30, 2021 at the latest,” the draft law says.

More information is available at wyoleg.gov.