The cannabis streaming channel Cannected is slated for a soft launch on April 20th and will be available for a number of services including Apple TV and Roku, MM + M Reports. The broadcaster’s launch on May 1st will feature 420Media founder Kerri Accardi’s documentary showing cannabis as “the wonder that it is”.

420Media was behind a public service announcement for cannabis that aired in the Virgin Islands during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Accardi told MM + M that the channel “should be known as a reliable source of information on cannabis education and entertainment”. She said her journey to creating the canal began in 2013 after her aunt Kathy died.

“I’m just a warrior who lost her best friend. When this information is made public, so many people will heal and help themselves. “- Accardi according to MM + M.

Other programs on the channel include 5th Quarter, which deals with cannabis and exercise. and Nurse Talk, hosted by Nurse Heather, which discusses the use of medicinal cannabis. Accardi suggested that future programming could include “business series, game shows, political shows, and even a TMZ-like show about industry gossip”.

Nurse Health described itself as an “evangelical” endocannabinoid system and notes that she learned nothing about the system in nursing school.

“Education is really what needs to happen,” she told MM + M. “When you start talking about cannabis, all sorts of scars, thoughts and feelings arise. I want to help other healthcare providers understand the importance of cannabis. “

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