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Lounges for cannabis use are opening in Las Vegas, with Nevada legislators passing a law that allows for two types of venues.

The first type allows existing pharmacies to create an additional lounge area, although only one lounge is allowed. The other type will allow independent businesses to build a consumption lounge where they can sell single-use cannabis products.

The rules for Assembly Bill No. 341 are still being drafted and regulators are still defining the types of cannabis products that will be approved.

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However, it is believed that the law will legalize indoor smoking and also allow single serving of THC-infused edibles and beverages.

During a hearing with the Nevada Senate Finance Committee, Rep. Steve Yeager, who sponsored the law, said:

You can think of it as a bar except that there is obviously no alcohol. It could be a joint, it could be an edible, it could be an infused meal or an infused soda, whatever the concept.

Yeager also spoke about the various creative options the law allows, including cannabis-friendly yoga studios, comedy clubs that serve weed, and high-end restaurants that use THC in recipes.

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Although cannabis has been legal in Nevada since 2017, products are not allowed in hotels and casinos, which means that tourists in Las Vegas struggle to find suitable, sociable places to use marijuana.

According to Eater, the first consumer lounges could open at the end of the year.

From July 1st, pharmacies that want to open a consumption lounge can start their license application form with the Cannabis Compliance Board.

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