I also bought six pre-made cones made in India from French cigarette paper for $ 2.11 including VAT.

RISE also sells more expensive devices for marijuana use, such as electronic vaping gizmos. These somehow seem like the 21st century versions of the bongs that I’m more familiar with. They range up to $ 420, no kidding.

One of the employees behind the counter told me that she used to work as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens but burned out at the drug store chain. I think working at RISE is a lot more relaxed or chilled or chilled (as you can see, I’m still trying to get used to modern pot slang).

The “retail price” of buds at RISE – $ 442 an ounce, with lots of volume discounts – can be a bit daunting. Especially when compared to some Californian outlets.

One that I found online was for a company called LA Wonderland. The price of pre-rolled joints is 3 for $ 10. In California, ounces of weed cost just $ 90 at roughly the same potency that RISE sells. But you can’t order weed from other states in the mail. It’s still illegal.

I raised the question of the Virginia Medical Cannabis Coalition, the lobby group for medical cannabis, about the prize. His spokesman asked not to be named.

Virginia’s medical cannabis program, he argued, was just getting underway while California legalized medicinal cannabis many years ago and even later the retail sale of recreational weed. (Rec weed is coming to Virginia, but that can take up to three years.)