The winter holidays have already started with Hanukkah celebrations, which means it is high time for business owners to think about gift giving. Some companies give their employees a bonus and / or a small but useful gift every year. It is also customary to give gifts to customers. Some customer gifts are given by the company, while others may come directly from someone who works there who is more of a customer interface in their position.

In compiling this list of gifts for customers and / or employees, we consulted the Emily Post Business Etiquette outlined in this Corporate and Business Gift Guide. It is said that it is important for businesses that all branded gifts are high quality and actually useful. Some large companies make charitable donations on behalf of their employees. However, during this time of monetary instability, giving bonuses to charitable causes may be more ideal for many. The first thing to consider when considering a gift for an assistant is how long he has worked for you. A $ 25 gift is acceptable to assistants who have been with you for five years or less, but a longer and larger gift is recommended. When you give a gift to a boss, get together with your team and give a gift together so as not to stir up drama among jealous colleagues.

For those looking to give gifts outside of their own business, it is important not to give gifts to customers who are in the middle of a bidding process, as this can be viewed as a bribe. Many companies have rules about giving and receiving gifts, and some only allow employees to accept gifts that are $ 25 or less. For this reason, be sure to read your own company rules and manuals and the recipient’s human resources department to ensure you are following the appropriate guidelines this season. The same rules apply to accepting gifts from customers: Follow company protocols. When it comes to giving away CBD or THC products, there are no agreed rules, but it seems to me in this case that giving away cannabis can be compared to giving away alcohol. I never give away alcohol because you never know how someone is related to this substance, and the same goes for consumable and inhalable cannabinoids. An individual gift of cannabinoid mind altering products may be acceptable, but it is unlikely to be appropriate as a package gift.

With this in mind, we’ve put together an independent source gift guide for cannabis employees and customers this Christmas season. We don’t care about the links provided here, I just love to recommend my favorite things.

PARA stash bag stuffer

$ 31

The Stash Bag Stuffer from PARA includes various hemp papers, some pre-rolled cones with cute prints and a Bubble Stash Pouch in Cherry Red or High Moon. Even those who don’t roll their own joints will be delighted to impress guests with the printed cones from Burner Babe. The bubble bag is ideal for your pipe, grinder and smoker valuables; and every print has a fun flair.

The stash bag would make a great gift for employees and customers, especially from a brand that grows flowers.

Seawitch Botanicals candles

$ 29

I don’t often make generalizations, but I like to say that everyone enjoys candles, especially if they are made with care. Seawitch Botanicals is a local business where I live, and I know firsthand that they choose ingredients and packaging in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Your candles have a long wooden wick that creates a lovely crackling sound when burned, and they will last a long time with regular use. Choose candles with elemental essential oil blends or a pure beeswax candle with no added flavor.

Customers and employees alike would enjoy burning a Seawitch candle, but taking advantage of the odorless option might be ideal to satisfy people’s tastes.

Dosist Relief Topical Spray

$ 49

Topical cannabinoid products, in my opinion, are the best category of product to gift to a large list of people such as employees. They’re also usually the best introductory product for someone who isn’t sure about the benefits of the cannabis plant. The Dosist Relief Spray was effective for my neck and shoulder pain. When I tried the product, I loved the ability to spray it directly on the pain area instead of wasting something on my fingers.

A CPG company may not want to give away any other brand of products to their customers, but internally the Dosist relief spray would be useful for employees.

According to Grandma Chili Crisp

$ 29

Chili Crisp is a delicious oil-based seasoning that contains crispy, crunchy pieces of pepper and other ingredients. Loud Grandma Chili Crisp contains CBD as a cool addition to the seasoning of the chillies used. The product is made in partnership with Pot d’Huile Olive Oil and Ganjapreneur recently did a full review of the product – you can check it out here. The microdose of CBD shouldn’t intimidate anyone in a regulated state and an edible gift will always be appreciated.

Branded hoodie


As long as you’re a good place to work and enjoy working with you, both employees and customers would rock well-made branded merchandise. There aren’t many people who don’t have a use for a good hoodie, but don’t skimp on the materials. Most cities have a local screen printer that can help print merchandise so you can keep the process a little local.

Giving away branded products can be tricky: a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if something is useful before putting a logo on it and distributing it to customers or employees.

Kush Queen bath bombs

$ 12.99- $ 20

Not everyone takes a bath, but bath bombs are still a widely accepted gift, especially when fortified with CBD. Kush Queen bath bombs are made with high quality cannabinoids and in gorgeous colors that transform a therapeutic bath into an ethereal experience. Grab them in multiple flavors and with either 25 mg, 100 mg, or 200 mg of CBD. Read our current test report about the products from Kush Queen Swamp Queen here.

PARA Translucent Hudson pipe

$ 54.99

Utensils aren’t always a suitable gift for customers or employees, even if you run a cannabis business. But we think the Hudson piece from PARA is a beautiful, multifunctional piece of glass that would look gorgeous on side tables and dressers. It is available in three colors: yellow, blue and burnt orange-brown.

The translucent glass tube is on the more expensive side, making it an acceptable gift for a longtime assistant or longtime / large client.

Actually curious Human Rights Edition cards

$ 25

There was a time when social justice wasn’t an issue discussed in the workplace, but that created a toxic culture that many jobs have started to shed. Social justice should be especially important to cannabis companies as many original cannabis entrepreneurs are still serving long sentences for doing what we now call the “cannabis business”.

With that in mind, Indeed Curious’s Human Rights Edition deck makes a great gift for a cannabis company employee who is working on creating a positive work environment. Each card in the deck contains calls for social justice, environmental sustainability, mental health, and other topics that advance people.

Face masks

$ 18

Lots of people are returning to the office, but that doesn’t mean the COVID pandemic is over. There are new variants and masks seem like an accessory that will stay. Well-fitting face masks made by small businesses make great employee gifts and promote a safe work environment. Black Rabbit Masks are local to where I live and regularly post unique prints on their website. The masks fit me best of anything I’ve tried, and they have a double panel and a place to insert a filter. To give a bit more, check out the Donate a Mask option which provides free masks to important workers and those in need. This gift is best for employees.

Grocery or gas gift card

$ 25 +

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic years have weighed on even the best financial planners, so useful gifts are extra thought out. A gift certificate for the local food co-op or gas station is a great way to let staff know that you are grateful to them. With that in mind, perhaps the most useful thing for your employees would be to invest the entire gift budget in bonuses. A good boss will know what the best option is for his team.

Disclaimer: None of the links on these products are paid affiliate links, they are simply recommendations of some of my favorite things.

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Cara Wietstock is a seasoned cannabis practitioner and writer with over a decade of industry experience. She settled in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small pet zoo. In her free time, she enjoys intoxicating novels, studies Ashtanga and walks the local mountain trails with her family.