THE ANGEL, January 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GKUA Ultra Premium, the cannabis brand co-founded by Lil Wayne, the artistic giant and connoisseur of cannabis, announced today that its coveted cannabis products and strains will be widely available Colorado in selected pharmacies January 27th.

“GKUA is about inspiring people, it’s about a feeling. Now Colorado will experience the quality and effectiveness of this GKUA “, said Lil Wayne.

GKUA Ultra Premium was introduced for the first time December 2019 in the California too much fanfare to bring some of the best cannabis products in the world to market. The GKUA Ultra Premium flower comes from the most experienced breeders who produce strains that are very limited, incredibly potent, and have some of the highest natural levels of THC. GKUA has partnered with award-winning Harmony Extracts Colorado bringing these potent, terpene-rich strains to the state along with incredible oils, live sauces, and live concentrates.

“We are very excited to bring GKUA Ultra Premium to our third state,” he said Pretty Golob, President and Co-Founder of GKUA Inc. “Harmony is known for its incredible portfolio of cannabis products. You are the perfect partner for GKUA in Colorado. Your cultivators and experienced laboratory teams know exactly which specific properties, purities and potencies are required for the manufacture of GKUA products. Colorado is the oldest adult market in the USA and we are pleased to offer an ultra-premium product to customers who know and appreciate quality. “

The products
Initially, the following products will be available in 32 pharmacies across the state. A full list of GKUA dealers can be found at ColoradoUse the Weezy Weed Finder on

GKUA Ultra Premium Flower: GKUA comes from the most experienced breeders and produces varieties that are limited, incredibly strong, and consistently impressive … really the best flower! Seven ultra-premium hybrid varieties are available to start with, including Wedding Cake, Tangidos and Sex Grenade.

GKUA THC Vape: GKUA’s THK Vape Oil and Live Sauce are extracted from the best cannabis strains and are exclusive formulations that carefully transform the highest quality cannabis into strong THC Vape Oil. Independently tested in the laboratory and certified for purity. GKUA Ultra Premium Vape Oil and Live Sauce, pure and strong.

GKUA Ultra Premium Battery Technology: The proprietary ceramic heating element and state-of-the-art design are optimized to efficiently dispense vape in easily controllable doses while enhancing the user experience.

“Growing the best cannabis is our passion and we focus on doing it well,” said Harmony’s Head Grower in Colorado, Doc Johnson. Jeremy JohnsonThe laboratory manager at Harmony added: “We are very happy to work with us Lil Wayne and the entire GKUA team to bring these rare best-of-breed products to market that are designed to inspire people and encourage creativity. ”

IG Live Kick-off Event
To celebrate the start Lil twist, the rapper and reality television star signed on to Lil Waynes The music label Young Money Entertainment will host the IG live event January 26th at the 4 pm MST. During the live stream event from the GKUAOfficial Instagram account, Lil twist will interview a cultivator, laboratory manager, and retailer. Happy viewers win GKUA merch and can take part in the entertainment. Special musical guests from the Young Money label are also expected.

“”Colorado is ready. . . Join me on GKUAOfficial to join the conversation. We’ll talk everything about this GKUA, “said Lil twist.

Pharmacies & Collabs
Initially, GKUA will be available in pharmacies across the state Colorado, including special Lil Wayne Signature Vape Battery collaborations with Wolfpac, The Herbal Cure, Cannabis Depot, and Emerald fields, all of which will stock a full line of GKUA products. Use the Weezy Weed Finder on to find a pharmacy location near you

About GKUA Ultra Premium
Lil Wayne, artistic giant and connoisseur of cannabis, created the ultimate cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra Premium. Lil Wayne offers inspiration to millions of people, and now he is delivering it in yet another form, the best climax of your life. GKUA Ultra Premium products are made from the finest cannabis Lil Wayne tried and approved. GKUA strives to inspire artists and dreamers and supports the arts by collaborating with new artists in various media. GKUA Ultra Premium products are available in selected products California, Michigan and Colorado Pharmacies. For more information on GKUA Ultra Premium products and events, please visit

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