A planned 68,100-square-foot cannabis growing and processing facility sailed through the Lompoc Planning Commission Wednesday evening, one of two similar projects the panel will review within weeks.

Mustang Lompoc Investors LLC’s single story facility will occupy 3 acres at 1501 North O St. plus 801 and 851 Cordoba Ave. proposed within the city’s industrial park. The three vacant lots are along North O Street between Cordoba Avenue and Aviation Drive.

Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve several aspects of the project, including the architectural design / site development review and a toned down negative explanation for the Mustang cannabis facility, which will also be distributing cannabis.

Commissioner Dan Badertscher voted against the project without justification.

The site improvements would include an 8-foot fence and gates at the rear of the building that would be surrounded by other members of the business park as well as Walmart east of the site, planner Greg Stones told the commission.

“We have done everything to comply with the current code. We are very pleased with the permit terms and mitigation measures, ”said John Dewey, who is listed as chief executive officer of the real estate investment group Mustang Lompoc Partners LLC, based in Newport Beach.

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Mustang Lompoc Investors LLC plans to build a 68,100 square foot facility for the cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis in Lompoc. (City map of Lompoc)

The architectural style for the Mustang facility will maintain the character of the neighborhood with a design similar to the nearby Sea Smoke, Dewey said. .

A greenhouse gas-related condition due to the project’s expected energy use – for lighting, freezing and cooling – will most likely result in the installation of solar panels on the roof as a mitigation measure, Dewey said.

“We’re going to be giving Lompoc (Electrical Division) a very nice customer,” said Dewey.

Sixty-one off-street parking spaces are suggested, which exceeds the 59 spaces required by city regulations.

Mustang Lompoc Partners has yet to file an application for a commercial cannabis use license for city review and approval prior to commencing operations, city officials said. This application process by the Office of the City Secretariat includes a comprehensive review of the applicant’s background, business proposal and operating procedures.

An artist's concept shows Mustang Lompoc Investors LLC's proposed cannabis facility on North O Street.
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An artist’s concept shows Mustang Lompoc Investors LLC’s proposed cannabis facility on North O Street. (Courtesy city of Lompoc)

It was one of two similar establishments proposed for Lompoc, where there is no limit to the number of cannabis companies licensed in the community.

In October, planners will approve Organic Liberty Lompoc LLC’s proposal for 1025 and 1035 Central Ave. consider to house a center for the cultivation, manufacture, processing, testing and distribution of cannabis on an undeveloped 3.8 acre site.

The building would be approximately 91,000 square feet and two stories high, or 35 feet, with shields for mechanical equipment on the roof to a height of 44 feet.

Both companies would only wholesale cannabis products to government-licensed establishments and not offer retail sales on-site, city officials said. They would not be open to the public either, and visitors are only allowed if accompanied and for a specific business purpose.

“It’s good to see new businesses come into town,” said Planning Director Brian Halvorson, “and these are bigger companies that will provide Lompoc with a new base of work.”

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