Luxembourg became the first country in Europe to legalize the production and use of cannabis after its government announced that it would allow adults to grow up to four cannabis plants at home.

The proposals are part of a package of measures to combat drug crime in the country and allow cannabis seeds to be sold in stores, imported or purchased online.

There will continue to be a legal ban on the use and transport of the drug in public, while trafficking in cannabis products other than seeds will remain prohibited.

However, under the new plans, anyone caught with a small amount of cannabis (less than three grams) will no longer be prosecuted and will be fined between € 25 (£ 21) and € 500 (previously around € 2,500). .

The Luxembourg coalition government had already agreed in 2018 to work towards “the impunity or even legalization” of cannabis produced on national territory.

Justice Secretary Sam Tanson said Friday the move aims to curb the illegal cannabis market in the country by allowing low home consumption.

“The idea is that when a consumer is using cannabis, they are not in an illegal situation, and that we are not supporting the entire illegal chain from production to transportation to sale where there is a lot of misery involved,” said Tanson as reported by The Guardian.

“We want to do everything we can to move more and more away from the illegal black market.”

Meanwhile, the country’s Greens, who are Luxembourg’s ruling coalition partners with the Democratic Party and the Socialist Workers’ Party, described the move as “a fundamental reorientation of Luxembourg’s drug policy”.

In a statement released on Friday, the party said the country’s “war on cannabis” had failed.

“The announcements by Justice Minister Sam Tanson represent a fundamental reorientation of Luxembourg’s drug policy,” it said.

“Finally the consumption of cannabis is being regulated and a legal alternative to the black market is being created.”