BOISBRIAND, Quebec – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Navaya Inc., an innovative cannabis producer based in Quebec, received its license to sell dried cannabis products across Canada from Health Canada today. The license fulfills Navaya’s goal of supplying all adult Canadians with cannabis with high yields and consistent quality. The newly licensed producer will launch its products this fall at Société québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) sites in the province of Quebec.

“After two years of hard work and work, we have achieved our goal of obtaining our license to sell dried cannabis products,” says Sophie Denis, Operations Manager at Navaya. “With our industry-leading technology and advanced vertical cultivation equipment, we will now focus on delivering a consistent product to retail stores in Quebec initially over the coming months.”

Navaya’s vertical industrial hydroponic solution brings indoor production to the highest standard in the country. The unmatched hyper-control of the cultivation parameters with automatic irrigation and fertilization, complete climate control and multi-level cultivation areas with advanced LED lights are just some of the features of its state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, Navaya’s production methods use significantly less energy than traditional production methods.

“Navaya will set the new standard for licensed manufacturers in the future and we are very proud of that,” says Denis. “Our team here in Boisbriand is determined to bring long-term economic growth to the region and this license is another important step towards achieving that goal.”

The company has worked hard to achieve this milestone for the past two years and continues to develop guidelines based on Heath Canada’s guidelines. Navaya looks forward to introducing its facility to stakeholders and media over the coming months.

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About Navaya Inc.

Navaya’s mission is to become a global leader in the cannabis sector, resulting in predictable business and brand performance. With its unique and most comprehensive hyper-controlled vertical industrial hydroponic solution on the market, Navaya brings indoor production to the highest level. With a commitment to long-term investments in research and development, including the use of big data and artificial intelligence, the company is committed to breeding strains that maximize production and quality, and help discover new uses for cannabis that enhance life enrich. Please visit for more information.