A new nationwide study commissioned by SICPA North America, a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions, and conducted online by The Harris Poll of more than 2,000 US adults, shows widespread support for the safe labeling of Cannabis products to check their legitimacy and safety in the market.

Ensuring the safety of cannabis products is a top priority for Americans. A majority of Americans (83%) believe that states where cannabis is legal should require licensed cannabis producers to use secure labels that cannot be counterfeited to ensure efficacy and consumer safety, and half of them do Americans (50%) say this strongly agree with this.

Four in five Americans (80%) were in favor of a program that would make it easier to identify legal vs. illegal cannabis products.

“The SICPA / Harris survey shows that Americans are keen to ensure that where cannabis is legal, there is a way to verify that products are safe and legitimate,” said Alex Spelman, VP, SICPA US . “The transition from illegal to legal cannabis in many states is giving illegal operators the opportunity to capitalize on demand without following government guidelines designed to ensure public health and safety. Secure labels ensure trust at the point of consumption, where the health and safety risks of unregulated, illegal products are highest. “

In fact, many Americans would be willing to pay more for products they know they can trust. Two-thirds of Americans (67%) say if they bought cannabis, they would pay more for cannabis products if they had a secure label that they labeled as from a licensed provider that adhered to safety and legal standards.

Unsecured products put consumers at risk of consuming unsafe, tainted, or recalled cannabis products, and create opportunities for counterfeiting legitimate brands and illegally selling unregulated products.

“Government regulators need efficient and effective means to manage the fast-growing industry and ensure that patients and consumers have access to lawfully sourced and appropriately tested products,” said Spelman. “The SICPA / Harris survey shows that Americans have a broad appetite for a more regulated cannabis market and are willing to pay a premium for this assurance.”

Medical cannabis programs have been adopted by nearly 40 states, and more and more states are offering recreational or adult use programs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 18% of the US population, 48 million people, used cannabis at least once in 2019.

With a wide range of products and consumption options – flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals – consumers and government enforcement agencies are faced with a dizzying variety of product options and potencies.

The SICPA / Harris poll suggests that Americans support safe labeling of cannabis products to ensure they are lawfully sourced and appropriately tested.

SICPA is a trusted provider of product safety, revenue recognition and track and trace solutions for regulated products such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol and soft drinks for governments and industries worldwide.

SICPATRACE technology also provides states and countries with a secure, comprehensive mechanism for collecting and analyzing data and information about the activities of licensed cannabis operators to ensure compliance with local laws and government regulations. SICPA also provides operators and regulators with the tools to protect, differentiate and verify their products as legitimate.

This survey was carried out in the USA by The Harris Poll on behalf of SICPA between September 9 and 13, 2021, among 2,054 adults aged 18 and over, online. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore an estimate of the theoretical sample error cannot be calculated.