TORONTO, May 21, 2021 / CNW / – OntarioCannabis-based cannabis producer Olli Brands Inc. (“Olli Brands”, “Olli”, “OBi”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a supplier agreement with Medical Cannabis from Shoppers, Inc. for cannabis infused foods and teas . OBi will offer Medical Cannabis by Shoppers â„¢ patients a range of products under OBi’s in-house wellness brand Ollive.

“I grew up with shoppers as a one-stop shop for all of my family’s pharmaceutical needs,” he said Sarah Gillin, CEO, Olli Brands Inc. “You are without a doubt the most trusted and recognized name in the drugstore retail marketplace. We look forward to working with you to bring your medical patients the delicious, high-quality cannabis products they seek.”

A sophisticated commercial production space in Etobicoke, Ontario hosts OBi’s ongoing product innovation initiatives and manufacturing of premium quality cannabis 2.0 derivatives. The OBi facility can produce soft chews (currently on the market) as well as baked goods, chocolate, other confectionery and cannabis infused teas.

OBi’s world-class team of experts in product innovation, research and development, regulation and operations sets the company apart from others in the Canadian cannabis space and supports the goal of being the leader in expertly crafted cannabis-infused products in the Canadian market.

About Olli Brands Inc:

Olli Brands Inc. (OBi) is the trusted leader in expertly crafted, cannabis infused products, brands, and high quality experiences. Based on Etobicoke, ON, OBi is a fully independent and licensed national manufacturer of cannabis 2.0 infused products. The OBi team works with world-class suppliers to bring premium cannabis-infused goods to the Canadian legal market. The company’s brands include the flagship brand Olli and the wellness-focused Ollive. OBi works with like-minded private label partners to turn great ideas into extraordinary opportunities in addition to its portfolio brands. OBi’s products are sold across the board Canada at various authorized provincial dealers.

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About Ollive:

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