SANTA FE, NM. (AP) – Several medical marijuana vendors warned of a possible cannabis shortage in late June as the first provisions of a new law legalizing recreational marijuana went into effect in New Mexico on Wednesday.

Authorized recreational cannabis sales won’t start until early 2022. However, several medical marijuana companies, led by Ultra Health, say there could be a surge in medical marijuana supplies by the end of June this year if the new law legalizes it Force enters and the purchase price increases ownership restrictions, with virtually no restrictions on how much can be kept at home for personal use.

Ultra Health has called for the current limits on marijuana production to be increased to 1,750 plants per grower to ensure there are no extreme shortages.

The Ministry of Health, which oversees the medical cannabis program, examined the letter and was unable to comment.

The Regulations and Licensing Division, which will license recreational pot producers and oversee supply chains, also investigated the letter. Agency superintendent Linda Trujillo said new limits on marijuana ownership and home growing will come into effect on June 29.

Ultra Health and CEO Duke Rodriguez have repeatedly questioned the state’s limit on the number of plants for growing. Rodriguez says it will be different this time with the New Mexico Cannabis Regulation Act signed by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Monday.

“We are no longer at the very back of the pack, but at the front of the class,” said Rodriguez by phone. “Fortunately, we have some of the most generous purchase / ownership restrictions in the country.”

It takes about four months to grow and harvest cannabis, according to Ultra Health – and industry should be allowed to ramp up production now to avoid shortages.

The new law puts the state on the right track to accept license applications for recreational pot businesses in September. The sale of recreational marijuana will begin on April 1, 2022 at the latest.

Shopping and marijuana possession outside the home are capped at 56 grams, which is enough to roll around 55 joints or cigarettes.

At a signing ceremony on Monday, the governor emphasized the general need to ramp up production for the new recreational cannabis market.