From Peter Jasinski

FALL RIVER – A public outreach meeting is planned for the proposed marijuana dispensary to open in a former supermarket building on Durfee Street.

Cosmopolitan Dispensary Inc. plans to open at 164 Durfee St. but will first have to hold a community outreach meeting ordered by the state cannabis control commission. The company was the 14th to receive a non-objection letter from Mayor Jasiel Correia, who gave the document to cosmopolitan President and former Mayor of Fall River, William Flanagan.

The outreach meeting, held September 25th at 6:30 pm at the Fall River Public Library, is an opportunity for community members to raise concerns or raise concerns with Cosmopolitan Dispensary Inc. Previous outreach meetings for Fall River pharmacies have typically included a basic overview of the facilities, a description of the safety plans, and promises of how the companies will positively impact the surrounding community.

Even before the next week’s meeting, Flanagan’s proposal had raised some eyebrows among townspeople, as the pharmacy would be across from the First Step Inn homeless shelter.

Rep. Carole Fiola recently told The Herald News that she was working on laws that would prevent pharmacies from opening a certain distance from facilities that provide drug abuse recovery treatment. Although the First Step Inn is primarily a homeless shelter, the facility claims it offers access to inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatments.

To date, only one Fall River company, Northeast Alternatives, has received final CCC approval to begin selling recreational cannabis. Three more – Hope Heal Health, Greener Leaf, and Nature’s Medicine – have been granted provisional licenses by the CCC.

Correia was arrested on September 6 on federal charges of extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from four people seeking to start marijuana businesses in the city in exchange for on-site approval.