DETROIT – Monique Boulianne and Kharen Mason can only watch as the place where they worked for a long time literally razes to the ground.

“It will be a sad day for sure. I was there almost every day, ”said Boulianne.

“We were really on the up. Our shop was amazing from the inside, ”said Kharen.

The fate of the Stash Detroit Medical Marijuana Dispensary was sealed on Saturday night when an inexplicable turnaround occurred within an hour. Just three days later and because of the extent of the damage caused by the lifting of the ground, the emergency contractors had no choice but to demolish the building.

Video: Crews destroy Stash Detroit Pharmacy in southwest Detroit


“It’s still pretty hard. We have spent so many months building our team, making our team great, and building the trust of our patients and all and not just all the hard work we’ve done in the store. So it’s pretty sad that it went down, ”said Boulianne.

The unfortunate thing is that there is still no clear answer to what has caused the floor to shift and the street on Dearborn Street to expand at all.

“We just want answers. The safety of our employees was at risk. Look at our beautiful building, you know, ”added Mason.

Regardless, rebuilding for the store out here isn’t going to be the easiest.

“We know that our owners have done everything for this store and the staff. So it’s a little bleak to see it go down, but I mean it gives us a lot of hope for the future, ”said Boulianne.

The good news is that the pharmacy was insured. Local 4 News was told that the company plans to rebound stronger than ever.


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