LIMA – More and more people are discovering the benefits of medical marijuana and want more information so they can make an informed decision.

In Lima, there was a cannabis seminar at the Lima Elks Club on Saturday that explored various positive ways how cannabis can help individuals medically and what the hemp industry can bring to the area.

Six cannabis experts were on hand to discuss the growing marijuana field.

“We have had a false stigma about the cannabis industry in the US for several years and are here to make sure they understand not only the beneficial properties of the plant, but the science of medicine,” said Lisa Zwirner, director of education for the Cleveland School of Cannabis .

Many people appreciate the potential of hemp and cannabis.

“We’re trying to make Ohio aware that this is a legitimate industry, both the medical cannabis industry and the hemp industry,” said Tim Johnson of Cannabis Safety First.

The event was organized by Joshua Hayes, Lima mayoral candidate and a self-proclaimed advocate of marijuana.

“The biggest message people should see is that cannabis is a safe, natural plant that is good for a variety of health conditions. There are great medical cannabis opportunities in Ohio right now. In its third year, the medical cannabis industry aims to make over a billion dollars in its third year. So there are great opportunities for jobs, new industries, and tax growth in our city through aid and the cannabis industry, ”said Hayes.

Hayes believes Allen County is ready to welcome cannabis and hemp to the area.

“Hemp and the cannabis industry could have an amazing impact, and we are already an agricultural community. If you look at Allen County, much of the money that is made is based on agricultural commodities. This is how we can grow hemp. We can develop processing equipment and turn that hemp into products like hemp concrete and hemp floors, hemp wood, and we can take all the products that we made here in Lima and build houses with them, ”said Hayes.

Ohio stands ready to add 73 more medical marijuana dispensaries and plans to add Autism Spectrum Disorder to the list of diseases that medical marijuana can be used to treat.

There’s also a move towards decriminalizing marijuana crimes, which Hayes supports.

“I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve come into conflict with the cannabis law. I’m sure if we did show hands here I’d say at least half of the people here have. We are not bad people. We are not criminals.

“We’re just people who have used the drug and who decided (the law) that it is something they still want to prosecute and break the law. So here we are, standing up for our rights as citizens and standing up for the other people who may not have the opportunity to stand up for themselves or have a voice, ”said Hayes.

A group of marijuana and hemp advocates attended a cannabis seminar at the Lima Elks Club on Saturday. The event was organized by Joshua Hayes, who is running for mayor of Lima and supports medical marijuana.

Mayoral candidate Josh Hayes speaks at the hemp and cannabis exhibition in Lima at Elks Lodge on Saturday afternoon. Amanda Wilson – The Lima News

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