This is a significant achievement as it outperforms the industry average and is another key competitive advantage that underpins Mernova’s potential expansion into new provinces and revenue growth.

Initial testing of cannabinoid levels by (,) s wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary Mernova Medicinal Inc for four of their new cannabis strains revealed that each new strain was high in THC.

This is a significant achievement as it outperforms the industry average and is another key competitive advantage that underpins Mernova’s potential expansion into new provinces and revenue growth.

The new varieties are expected to launch under the company’s leading brands Ritual Green and Ritual Sticks in the first quarter of 2022.

Important milestone

The new variety Miracle Alien Cookies was tested with a THC content of 30.1% THC.

Grape Cream Cake was tested with 26% THC, Monkey Berries and Vineyard Select were tested with 23.6% THC and 19.6% THC, respectively.

This is a major milestone and underscores that three of the four new plant genetics have exceeded the average THC levels in the dried flower products industry.

The current THC content of most commercially available cannabis strains is between 15 and 20%.

These tests were conducted by Bloom Labs, based in Nova Scotia, a Health Canada licensed laboratory to conduct cannabis testing.

The four strains tested are the first of 14 new plant genetics acquired in July 2021, and those that qualify will be added to the Mernova line of high quality Ritual Green and Ritual Sticks products.

Competitive advantage

Mernova Managing Director Jack Yu said: “Acquiring such high quality genetics and being able to grow them to such a high quality level with this THC content are great accomplishments for Mernova and will give us a competitive advantage.

“As the skill levels of our staff increased, we have increased the implementation of advanced farming methods and the results have been great.

“So far, they have resulted in increases in potency and quality, with a recent Lemon Haze batch test containing 26.9% THC, a batch of Black Mamba intended for pre-roll joint testing containing 30.84% ​​THC , and a batch of Black Mamba for dry flower testing with 32.60% THC.

New Products

As the qualification and experience level of Mernova’s employees continues to rise, progressive growth processes are implemented and the benefits become visible.

Mernova will soon be offering freshly harvested Lemon Haze tested for 26.9% THC, followed by Black Mamba Pre-Roll Joints tested for 30.84% ​​THC and Black Mamba Dry Flower tested for 32.60% THC were tested.

The company believes the Black Mamba, at 32.60% THC, should be the most potent recreational cannabis to be sold as a dried flower in Nova Scotia as soon as it goes on sale.

It has also recently started modernizing its facility, including lighting and irrigation, which should result in increased quality and yield.

Increase in sales

Yu continues: “We assume that the increased quality level will lead to an increase in sales.

“We have also recently started making improvements to the facility, including lighting and fabrication upgrades that we expect to improve our quality and yields and lead to further improvements in our high quality product range.

“We are very excited about the first cannabinoid test results and look forward to introducing these new strains under our established brands Ritual Green and Ritual Sticks.”

Consumers are currently looking for new, cutting-edge, high THC strains and cannabis products, and Mernova is able to capitalize on current market demand and the opportunities that we hope these new strains provide.

Potential orders

Mernova will use the new varieties to expand its product range, increase market share and further strengthen brand awareness.

Management expects the new high THC strains to be well received by consumers seeking access to high quality, artisanal cannabis.

The company is still in discussions with a number of provincial partners about line expansion and expects to expand its presence to new provinces in the near future.

Yu said the feedback from the provincial partners was “very positive as always”.

“We look forward to informing shareholders of short-term opportunities and potential purchase orders as they arise.”

last order

Mernova’s strong growth was underscored by recent orders totaling over A $ 800,000.

In addition, the company secured an additional AUD 152,236 (CAD 139,666) in new business last week from its existing provincial partners Cannabis NB and Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.