[author: Susan Ryan]

Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s going on in the world of legalized marijuana.

The SAFE Banking Act passes the house – again. A bill giving veterans access to medical cannabis is gaining interest. Polls on the legalization of marijuana are positive. Idaho is in the news (again). And finally, if you’re looking for cannabis-themed license plates, Colorado has exactly what you need.


They say that everything old is new again, and the saying no doubt applies to cannabis banking. The House passed the SAFE Banking Act this week with 321-101 votes. If this sounds familiar, it should be. The House passed the law in 2019, as we reported here. It also appeared in various house versions of COVID relief packages. And each time the measure went nowhere in the Senate. But you will remember that the Senate is now under new leadership. Will the Democrats be able to find ten Republicans to join them to pass these laws? Will they be able to keep all of their own members on board? Never say never but we don’t hold our breath When reluctant lawmakers need encouragement, they may find solace in the support of various governors, banking associations, and state treasurers.


In other recidivism news, the Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act is back. Presented at the last congress, it went nowhere, but maybe this time it will be different? As with banking, Republican support will be critical to the transition. The House version of the bill is supported by both parties, but the Senate version is not at the time of this blogging.


Over the years, Americans have spoken out less against legalizing cannabis. A new survey from Quinnipiac University shows that support for adult use is greater than 50% in all population groups: age, race, educational level, gender, political party. The total support is 69%.


If you clicked the link above, you noticed that the survey coverage was from an Idaho group that supports the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act. So let’s take a look at the Gem State (yes, we thought it was the Potato State too) and see what happens. The governor signed a bill to legalize hemp. Legislators voted against a bill that would have made legalizing marijuana nearly impossible. Wow – sounds like Idaho is warming up to cannabis doesn’t it? Well, think again. The governor has just signed a bill that will make it harder to put referendums on the ballot. The governor said he signed the bill to prevent “urban voters” from having too much say in the initiative process.


Colorado decided to celebrate April 20th and raise funds for a good cause by auctioning rights to cannabis-themed license plates. The most cashing record was “ISIT420” with a winning bid of $ 6,630. The proceeds will benefit the Colorado Disability Rights Funding Committee.

Stay safe and be healthy – see you next week!